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martes, 12 de junio de 2007

Ray Charles & Cleo Laine - Gershwin - Porgy & Bess


Ray Charles & Cleo Laine

Una extraordinaria versión de la ópera de George Gershwin, realizada con un concepto musical diferente, por dos grandes cantantes.

Esta dirigida y arreglada por Frank DeVol y la orquesta esta integrada por músicos de categoría:

Joe Sample, Joe Pass, Bud Shank, Lee Ritenour, J.J. Johnson, entre otros.

En mi opinión la obra me impresionó como insustituible para la colección.



This is a flat-out killer and a must-own.

Ray Charles is in top form on this famous version that was supposed to have Gladys Knight singing the part of Bess. Gladys, having just had the hit "Midnight Train To Georgia," was not available for the part after her management insisted to Ray that she own the master tapes.

If you know much about Ray Charles' story, you know that he always owned his own masters. So, Ray's next choice was Cleo Laine, who did a beautiful job of singing the part.

This two-LP set was mastered from the original analog tapes.


01- summertime.mp3

02- my man is gone now.mp3

03- a woman is a sometime thing.mp3

04- they pass by singin'.mp3

05- what you want wid bess.mp3

06- i got plenty of nuttin'.mp3

07- buzzard song.mp3

08- bess you is my woman.mp3

09- oh, doctor jesus.mp3

10- crab man.mp3

11- here come de honey man.mp3

12- strawberry woman (instrumental).mp3

13- strawberry woman (vocal).mp3

14- it ain't necessarily so.mp3

15- there's a boat dat's leaving soon.mp3

16- i loves you, porgy.mp3

17- oh bess (intrumental).mp3

18- oh bess (vocal).mp3

19- oh lord, i'm on my way.mp3



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