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martes, 28 de octubre de 2008

Vanessa-Mae - Classical Gas - Video

Vanessa-Mae - Classical Gas - Video

Vanessa-Mae - Classical Gas - Video

"Classical Gas" is an instrumental piece written by Mason Williams.

The title of the song was originally "Classical Gasoline" but was changed to "Classical Gas" by the music copyist. On the original recording, Williams plays guitar and is accompanied by an orchestral backing. It was released in February 1968 from the album The Mason Williams Phonograph Record.

In August 1968 it reached the top 5 in the American charts and went on to sell over a million copies. Williams re-recorded the tune as a solo guitar piece on his 1970 album Hand Made. He also recorded a version with Mannheim Steamroller in 1987.

In 1968 the piece won three Grammy awards:

Best Instrumetal Composition,
Best Contemporary-Pop Perfomance, and
Best Instrumental Arrangement.

In 1998 Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) awarded Williams a special Citation of Achievement. The piece has logged over five million broadcast performances to become BMI's all-time number-one instrumental composition for radio air play.


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