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martes, 28 de octubre de 2008

Les Double Six of Paris - 1959-1961

Les Double Six of Paris - 1959-1961

Les Double Six of Paris - 1959-1961


Hace años que estoy buscando el presente material, o, por lo menos algo de Les Double Six of Paris.

Este conjunto vocal, para mi casi insuperables en su estilo, solo lo había escuchado por radio hace muchos años (solamente en dos temas)

Bueno, finalmente los conseguí, los estoy disfrutando y quiero compartir estos 20 temas excepcionales.

This French import, from songs recorded in 1959-1961,
is a showcase for the composer/producer Quincy Jones.

The six member group includes Ward Swingle, singer and arranger for the Swingle Singers, and "Les Double Six" is a clear antecedent for his subsequent work.

With original French lyrics written by Mimi Perrin, the tracks, such as "Naima," "Moanin'" and "Fascinatin' Rhythm" feature vocals doubling as instruments, and capture the essence and fluidity of the lines with startling accuracy (particularly in the upper registers sung by Christiane Legrand, who was in the French incarnation of the Swingles as well).

About half the compositions are by Quincy Jones;
all are accompanied by a trio of piano, bass and drums.

Twenty songs, including the previously unreleased "Walkin'" - a ten plus minute smorgasbord of sound - are practically as satisfying as a round-trip ticket to Paris!
French group formed by Mimi Perrin in 1959.
Perrin was leader and main arranger; she added lyrics to jazz selections.

The name was derived from practice of superimposing
two separate recordings, leaving impression there were 12 singers.

The group enjoyed some notoriety with sessions featuring backing from American guest stars like Quincy Jones, Benny Bailey, Dizzy Gillespie and Jerome Richardson. Perrin led second version of the group in 1965; when she became ill, Jef Gilson tried to hold band together, but they split in 1966.
~ Ron Wynn, All Music Guide

*-Parte 1

*-01 Les double six- For Lena and Lennie [En Flânant Dans Paris].mp3

*-02 Rat Race [La Course Au Rat].mp3

*-03 Stockholm Sweetnin' (Un Coin Merveilleux).mp3

*-04 Boos' Bloos [Au Temps Des Indiens].mp3

*-05 Doodlin' (Tout en Dodelinant).mp3

*-06 Meet Benny Bailey [Au Bout Du Fil].mp3

*-07 Evening in Paris [Il Y A Fort Longtemps].mp3

*-08 Count 'Em [T'as Foutu L'camp].mp3

*-09 Tickle Toe [Le Racket Et Les Balles].mp3

*-10 Early Autumn [Finalement l'Automne Est Arrivé].mp3

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*-Parte 2

*-11 Sweets [Les Quatre De L'opéra].mp3

*-12 Naima [Naima].mp3

*-13 Westwood Walk [Histoire de Baryton].mp3

*-14 A Night in Tunisia [Le Tapis Volant].mp3

*-15 A Ballad [Une Ballade].mp3

*-16 Scrapple from the Apple [A Bâtons Rompus].mp3

*-17 Boplicity [La Légende Du Troubadour].mp3

*-18 Moanin' [La Complainte Du Bagnard].mp3

*-19 Fascinating Rhythm [Le Pas Qui Plaira].mp3

*-20 Walkin' (Un Tour au Bois) [#].mp3

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Andrés C dijo...

Es bastante difícil conseguir material de este excelente grupo. Magnífico aporte, gracias.