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miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2007

Trio Taklamakan (Polonia) - Tangos


Trio Taklamakan - Tangos

Jan Romanowski
– A violinist, a music teacher, a composer, an arranger

Andrzej Trzeciak
- Violoncelo

Michał Karasiewicz
- Fortepian (YAMAHA P - 90)

La cumparsita - x el trio Taklamakan (hacer clic para escuchar)

For the first time we gave performance in July 1998.

We are not classical band, even though we were educated in scope of classical music we would rather prefer folk expression.

Whatsoever, we also are not folk band, although term folk became too meaningful recently. Our music doesn't borrow from traditional canons and sources.

Rather, we are excited on various little rivers and streams stemmed from those main sources, impressing us by their freshness.

While searching in libraries, antique shops as well as our family's souvenirs (we all are descendants families connected with musician's traditions) we are searching for that what was created while meeting two types of music - so called "serious" (classic) and "useful" In general, we found few remnants, so we spice up this material by our own ideas.

However we never call ourselves "creators", rather we view ourselves as "hunters".

We want recover those notes which being lost in time are lying in dusty coffers and boxes. Such mixture of this moods we presented in program titled "MUSIC FROM COFFER".

You find there many - for "Hungarian dances"" Johannes Brahms, through waltz, czardas, and gypsy romances, to arranged Balkan, Turkish, Jewish and other melodies.

We esteem ARGENTINIAN TANGO especially as well as production of Astor Piazzolla.

It impressed us and that is why we created program titled "TANGONALIA", what means - music story about dance which is salt rubbed in wounds of soul".

In this program we presented compositions of Astor Piazzolla, as well as Argentinian tango and greatest hits of this music style.

Trio Taklamakan - Tangos


*-Trio Taklamakan - Adios nonino.mp3

*-Trio Taklamakan - Der Heyser Bulgar.mp3

*-Trio Taklamakan - La cumparsita.mp3

*-Trio Taklamakan - Libertango.mp3

*-Trio Taklamakan - Obarzanek.mp3

*-Trio Taklamakan - Oblivion.mp3

*-Trio Taklamakan - Tanguango.mp3



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