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miércoles, 7 de febrero de 2007

Weather Report - Black Market - 1978 (Video)


Este video presenta a Weather Report

en su mejor época.

Con sus grandes estrellas:

Joe Zawinul (Teclados) ,

Jaco Pastorius (Bajo eléctrico)

y Wayne Shorter (Saxofon)

como los principales.

Podrán ver parte de su album premiado Black Market .
Logicamente el video tiene, por su filmación en vivo,
las limitaciones propias de dicha época.


Weather Report was an influential jazz fusion band of the 1970s and 1980s, pitting jazz with R&B, funk, and rock elements while still retaining an extremely high level of compositional and improvisational skills.

Along with other groups that were founded by Miles Davis alumni (Return to Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Headhunters), Weather Report was one of the greatest innovators of the jazz fusion genre at that time.

They were also the most long-lived and perhaps the most artistically successful (as cited by Ken Burns) of the four groups.

The "Jaco" Years

By 1976's
Black Market, the group's music evolved further from the open-ended funk jams into more melody-oriented, concise forms.

They also had achieved a greater mass-market appeal by this time. Most notably, this album introduced virtuoso bassist Jaco Pastorius into the group, who plays on two of the album's songs.

Alphonso Johnson (who plays on the other 5 songs) decided to leave Weather Report to play with the Billy Cobham/George Duke Band (a group that featured a young John Scofield on guitar).

Black Market was perhaps the most rock oriented studio effort by Weather Report, in part due to former Frank Zappa sideman Chester Thompson playing drums on most of the songs (he later would be recruited into the touring band of Genesis). Black Market again won Down Beat's album of the year.

It was with Jaco Pastorius that helped push the group to the heights of their popularity.

With the release of their biggest individual hit
jazz standard "Birdland", from the Heavy Weather album in 1977, Birdland would even make the pop charts that year.

The group also appeared on television with one of Don Kirshner's Rock Concerts.

Heavy Weather would prove to be the band's most successful selling album while still retaining wide critical acclaim.

Pastorius would also establish a new standard in fretless electric bass playing and add two compositions of his own into the song mix. Heavy Weather would dominate the disc award scene and coup the last Down Beat "Album of the Year" award for the group.

Jaco Pastorius appeared on four more Weather Report albums, including Mr. Gone in 1978, 8:30 in 1979, Night Passage in 1980 and their second self-titled album, (recorded in 1981 and) released in 1982.

Pastorius departed the group in late 1981 due to touring requirements that he had to fulfil with his own Word of Mouth Big Band.

By the time he left Weather Report Jaco had begun displaying symptoms of manic depression which would leave him with serious problems later in life.




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