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sábado, 14 de febrero de 2009

L'Ensemble Astoria - Adios Nonino - Astor Piazzolla - Video


L'Ensemble Astoria - Adios Nonino - Astor Piazzolla - Video

When Astor Piazzolla invented the “new tango” in the middle of the XX century, he could hardly imagine how hard he was to struggle so that to give life to the genre that existed mostly within its own traditions.

He was called a clown, a bastard, an iconoclast, an Argentinian teacher and finally today, fifteen years after his death, an undisputed master of tango. There is not a trace of breathlessness in this passionate music. His music continues to pose questions, to fascinate and to seduce both the performers and the audience all around the world.

But where does this music come in at the beginning of the XXI century?

Following Astor Piazzolla, ensemble Astoria has managed to cross the roads. Their constant concern about the musical quality and the quality of instrumental performance brings us closer to the master’s vision of the classic universe where his musicians seem to have come from. Trying to bring the Argentinian master’s writing to the foreground, Astoria musicians also want to preserve the originals’ rhythmical and melodical magic. And even by moving from the smoked bar or a records studio to a classic concert hall, the ensemble follows the composer’s idea: during his last years Piazzolla and his ensemble liked performing their inimitable music in different surroundings.

The standards of the “new tango” genre cover a huge range of feelings, starting from tender mischievousness up to sweet nostalgia through an overwhelming joy. They take us to the suburbs of Buenos Aires up to hot lands with their tropical flora.

Joining Astoria, be prepared for new voyages. You just follow one advice: keep them always in sight!


Christophe DELPORTE
Accordion and Accordina
Isabelle CHARDON
Violin solo
Edouard THISE
Double bass
Léonardo ANGLANI

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