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domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2008

B.B. King - 12 Grandes Éxitos

B.B. King - 12 Grandes Éxitos


B.B. King

Going Mainstream

The 1980s, 1990s and 2000s saw King recording less and less, but maintaining a highly visible and active career appearing on numerous television shows, major motion pictures and performing 300 nights a year.

In 1988, he reached a new generation of fans via the single "When Love Comes To Town", together with the Irish band U2.

In 2000, King teamed up with guitarist Eric Clapton to record Riding With the King.

In 2004, King was awarded an honorary Ph.D from the University of Mississippi and the Royal Swedish Academy of Music awarded him the Polar Music Prize, for his "significant contributions to the blues."

King had also donated his extensive blues collection to the Ole Miss Center for Southern Studies. At 80, King has lived a very full and active life.

He has been a licensed pilot, a known gambler, and is also a vegetarian, non-drinker and non-smoker. A diabetic for over ten years, King has been a visible spokesman in the fight against diabetes and has appeared in advertisements for diabetes-management products.

B.B. King - 12 Grandes Éxitos


*-01 - You're On The Top.mp3

*-02 - Questionaire Blues.mp3

*-03 - Low Rider.mp3

*-04 - The Other Night Blues.mp3

*-05 - It's My Own Fault.mp3

*-06 - Mr. Pawnbroker.mp3

*-07 - You`ve Done Lost Your Good Thing.mp3

*-08 - Catfish Blues.mp3

*-09 - Please Love Me.mp3

*-10 - I'll Survive.mp3

*-11 - Jumpin' With B.B.mp3

*-12 - Past Day.mp3


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