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viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2007

La Piantada - Illegal Tango - 2005

La Piantada - Illegal Tango - 2005

Marcelo Domingues and Martin Balik studied at the Classical Music Conservatory in Argentina. They devoted almost 10 years each to their studies.
In order to perfect their musicianship they also studied in the Conservatory of Jazz and Contemporary Music.
They also studied with the best masters of tango and jazz in Argentina.

As a pianist,Carlos Bernales finished his master's in Composition and Piano in New York.
His primary research has been the music of different cultures of the world (Chinese, Indian, African) with a special focus on Latin American music, such as Tango, Andean, Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz.

"The three young guys are first-rate musicians."
Daily News"
La Piantada " is a new expression of tango, made up of three young musicians, who have developed a subtle language.

They have adopted this language as a musical concept delivered at every performance.
It is not a breeze to get the 'clue' to find the exact word to describe the music composed by these trio.
If we go into the musical world of LA PIANTADA we will have the chance to see how the influence of classical and jazz music interact with the tango beat creating an unique and exquisite cocktail for the audience, a rare personality in the tunes which seems to surf into a deep dark ocean where "experimentation" is the lead voice, the witness of a music style without precedents.
And the evidence of it is the result of their first CD called "ILLEGAL TANGO' which was recorded in New York during this past year 2005 including all original compositions by LA PIANTADA.


*-01 El Llamado.mp3

*-02 Out Of Town.mp3

*-03 Chinchudo.mp3

*-04 Floreango.mp3

*-05 Tus Ojos.mp3

*-06 Dreamlife.mp3

*-07 Entre Los Miedos Y Los Sueños... Descansa Un Pasaje.mp3

*-08 Piantao.mp3

*-09 Amancer Simétrico.mp3

*-10 Belén.mp3

*-11 Viva El Pueblo.mp3


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