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sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2007

American Tango - Dancing Music

American Tango


Although it has come to epitomize the glamour and elegance of high society, with women in sleek glittering evening gowns and men in tux and tails, the tango originated in society's underbelly—the brothels of turn-of-the-century Argentina.

Though musical historians argue as to its exact origins, it is generally accepted that the tango borrowed from many nations—the relentless rhythms that the African slaves—the candombe—beat on their drums (known as tan-go); the popular music of the pampas (flatlands) known as the milonga, which combined Indian rhythms with the music of early Spanish colonists; and other influences, including Latin.

Some say the word "tango" comes from the Latin word tangere (to touch).

With the advent of the universal suffrage law—passed in Argentina in 1912—the lower classes were allowed to vote, which served to legitimize many of its cultural mainstays, including the tango.

As it became absorbed into the larger society, the tango lost some of it abrasiveness.

The structure of the dance, however, remained intact, and soon the tango developed into a worldwide phenomenon.

Even the Americans were doing it, although some ladies were given to wearing "bumpers" to protect themselves from rubbing a bit too closely against their male partners.


The Tango: A Dance, A Culture, A Way of Life. Internet source.


There are three forms of tango—Argentinian, American, and International.

American is the simplest to learn,

and it borrows liberally from Argentinian, which is the original.


American Tango - Dancing Music


01 - I Kiss Your Little Hand Madame.mp3

02 - Blauer Himmel.mp3

03 - Tango Delle Rose.mp3

04 - Perlenfischer Tango.mp3

05 - Amargura.mp3

06 - Rosita.mp3

07 - Two Guitars.mp3

08 - Memory.mp3

09 - Mona Lisa.mp3

10 - The Way We Were.mp3

11 - Hymne L'Amour.mp3

12 - Blue Tango.mp3

13 - Tango Erotique.mp3

14 - Adios Pampa Mia.mp3

15 - You Are My Destiny.mp3

16 - Sherry.mp3

17 - Like I Do.mp3



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